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The QuantiCheck® was designed to allow you to go above and beyond the
set subjective standards for a user seal check.
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The first quantitative user seal check device.

The user engages the QuantiCheck, takes a comfortable breath and holds. At the lowest point of the negative pull, the system starts a calculation which is a proprietary algorithm that measures pressure loss from the respirator. The system simply indicates that the weakest point will be the required air entry point into the mask.
The system is a static user seal check indicating the fit of the mask at the point in time the system is used.

Engineered for Fit

Performance is at the heart of what we do. Used in conjunction with an approved Fit Test program the QuantiCheck is designed to indicate to the user that an adequate seal has been made, or if adjustments are needed every time the mask is worn. The system checks not only
the face seal but the whole mask system for breaches or integrity issues that could cause leaks during use.

Our App

We created an app to integrate with
QuantiCheck® Technology.
App integration shows a visible Green light
indication to the user that an adequate
seal has been made or a Red light to
indicate a seal breach.