The FitCheck® FC6120 is the first in mask quantitative fit check device.

Checking your mask seal, each and every time

The FitCheck® FC6120 is designed to be used in conjunction with a recognised Fit Test program.  It will indicate to the user if an adequate seal has been made, every time the mask is worn.The system checks not only the face seal but the whole mask system for breaches that could cause leaks during use.

Clear Visual Indication

FitCheck® Technology removed any subjectivity from the fit check process. A clear visual indication of a seal pass or fail can clearly be seen by the wearer.  A green light is displayed when a good seal is formed and a red light is displayed if the seal has been breached. This will help wearers ensure that they are fully protected before they enter contaminated environments, providing ongoing safety at work.

The FitCheck® App records Fit

Using integrated digital technology, the FC6100 system records every fit check. Whether connected to the FitCheck® app or not, each pass or fail is stored directly to the device’s memory. The app can be used to record and send results to your own systems or to the optional FitCheck® Cloud service for storage and further analysis. This will help ensure the safety of wearers and the ongoing health and safety requirements for employers.

Remote safety

Monitored for Fit The FC6120 in-mask system has additional features that allow the continued monitoring of the mask during use. The system indicates when there may have been a seal breach, prompting the user to undertake further fit checks during mask usage. When connected to the FitCheck® Cloud, the masks systems can be monitored from any connected internet portal.

How does it work

Simply clip the device inside your mask visor, press and hold power button until green light flashes then release and perform your standard fit check.

Fitcheck 6120

Pelicase kit with filter button and USB-C cable

FC6120 - Pelicase kit with filter button and USB-C cable