OSHA's latest guidance for annual fit-testing


This month OSHA's latest guidance for annual fit-testing of tight-fitting respirators comes into effect. Following President Trump's Memorandum on making general respirators available to healthcare professionals, OSHA advises that any NIOSH-approved respirators can now be used for protection against coronavirus, whenever annual fit testing isn’t possible due to shortages of other respirators. This measure relieves healthcare professionals from having to pass a respiratory fit test; however, it also exposes them to the risk that their respirator may not be adequately protecting them. Moreover, risk ownership is now placed into the hands of healthcare workers. Should they feel insufficiently protected or uncertain about their level of protection whilst wearing a non-tested respirator, front line workers can rest assured that they still have a choice to personally raise the bar on their safety from COVID-19. This choice is

FitCheck® - the technology that provides daily seal checks for most respirators available on the market. With FitCheck® within your personal respirator, you know within 10 seconds whether it is protecting you by making sure it is sealed to your face. More importantly, others can know it too, as FitCheck® visually indicates respiratory seal performance to the user. It records the result to its memory or can send live results to their phone and the cloud, for at-distance recording and monitoring by others.