Design Reality’s proprietary technology FitCheck® has received the prestigious iF Design Award 2021 for Product Excellence. FitCheck® is an innovative sensor-based system that alerts respirator users and their employers about their fitness for work. By measuring the negative pressure loss within a tight-fitting face mask, FitCheck® confirms whether it is sealed on the skin or if there is a seal breach. Respirator users can know in seconds whether they are allowed to proceed to work safely, whilst employers receive notification via our digital app, allowing them to maintain records of health and safety worker compliance. Design Reality’s FitCheck® Technology scored well above the requirement to win, with a total of 319 points, a testament to the product’s clever, compact and versatile design, its innovative idea and sleek execution.

FitCheck® has been commercialised since 2019 and can be integrated in various enclosures to fit different respirator models. You can find out more about this ground-breaking technology by visiting


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